Home News Presented by Telcel and Sony the new high-end model Xperia XZ2

Presented by Telcel and Sony the new high-end model Xperia XZ2


The phone stands out for its front camera, capable of recording video in the 4K HDR format and developing a super slow motion (in 960 fps) totally in Full HD

Telcel has a new ace up its sleeve. This is the Xperia XZ2 smartphone, the latest model with which the telephone company dumbbells with Sony to offer a totally new and modernized experience with a smartphone.

The Xperia XZ2 has an elegant design and incorporates new features. It also increased its multimedia and image capacity through its front and rear cameras, which are offered as its main attraction and added value.

The Dynamic Vibration System analyzes the acoustic data and makes you feel less vibrations so that the experience of audiovisual content such as movies, games and videos is better for the user. The “X-reality” screen offers a more detailed visualization, with greater brightness, color and contrast, capable of improving the quality of the content of any application.

With the front camera, 19 megapixels, you can get recordings in 4K HDR, which is the same quality with which it is filmed in the film industry, which far exceeds the proposal of other phones that do not achieve this professional format in its image.

With this advantage, Xperia XZ2 is consecrated as the first smartphone to offer this quality, also to develop a super slow motion (in 960 fps) fully Full HD, to capture every detail without margin of error.

Xperia XZ2 also offers a superior experience in its S-Force Front Surround sound and powerful loudspeakers and with option of regulation by the user to adapt to their needs.

For fans of selfies, another of the great innovations of Xperia XZ2 is its front camera that now integrates functions and quality in 3D Creator, capable of generating photographs from the screen with a format in third dimension, ideal for scenarios, even where there is little light, giving an excellent balance in contrast and detail in image, in addition to the user can access this function more automatically and directly.


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