Home News Samsung and Apple reach an agreement to settle their last patent litigation

Samsung and Apple reach an agreement to settle their last patent litigation


Technology companies Samsung Electronics and Apple have reached an agreement to settle their latest litigation, a case of plagiarism of smartphone design patents that has pitted these two technological giants for years.

The companies “have agreed to withdraw and resolve their remaining lawsuits and appeals in this matter,” the California court in the United States, which was currently managing the legal dispute between Apple and Samsung, said in a public domain statement that it declined to comment on the matter. respect.

The agreement would want to end a long process that has worn out both companies and dates back to 2011, when Apple sued Samsung for allegedly plagiarizing the appearance of its iconic mobile devices, the iPhone.

The American accused the South Korean of employing design patents such as the rounded aspect of the corners, the design of the bezel that holds the screen to the rest of the phone and the layout of the icons of the applications on the screen.

In 2012, a US court gave the reason to Apple and ordered the South Korean company to compensate him with 1.050 million dollars for the benefits obtained by the commercialization of eleven models, including the Galaxy S II.

Three years later, Samsung compensated Apple with more than 548 million dollars and achieved in 2016 that the Supreme Court of the United States exempted him from paying an additional 399 million dollars considering that the plagiarism only responded to a small part of the devices.

The litigation later returned to a lower jurisdiction, the San José court, which on May 25 ordered Samsung to make a new payment of 539 million dollars (465 million euros).

The South Korean requested a reconsideration of the ruling that would have triggered the negotiations and the agreement, of which the details have not been revealed, including the final compensation to Apple.


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