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The application for Chromecast arrives with news in the Inactive Mode


If you are one of those who have a Google Chromecast player, there are some news that are most interesting for you. This has to do with the control application that exists and that allows you to configure the device that has the name Google Home.

A new version of this development has begun to be deployed for users who have a Chromecast, which is And, in it, apart from the usual bug fixes that are usually included, there is an interesting novelty in the Inactive Mode of work that increases the possibilities offered in what has to do with the background images, which are used when There is no content that is being broadcast from the phone. Something that for some time was demanded by the users, among which I include myself.
The great news that comes to the Chromecast

Now what is possible to do by the users is, on the one hand, to establish new sources of images that are shown. These are a Google Photos account (from which the Home application is accessed) and, also, there are other options such as Facebook or Flicker. Besides, a new Environment Mode is also included, which allows to reduce the sizes of the contents that are shown -which is positive due to the saving of the existing data consumption-. To the surprise of many, what has not been enabled in the Chromecast is the complete shutdown of the images shown.
Apart, and at least in our case, we have detected that the speed at which the content is shown when sending videos has improved a bit, something that is very important since it talks about the protocols being optimized. Of course, it is still not enough to run action games, since latency is somewhat high at the moment. But this is a positive highlight, the truth. If the update does not reach you from the Play Store, something that is logical since it is still not global, it is possible to download the Google Home APK directly and proceed to the execution of manually (by clicking on the file and following the steps that appear on the screen). The reliability is complete, since everything is signed by the Mountain View company itself and, in addition, automatic improvements that come later from the aforementioned store are not lost.


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