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TOP smartphones of this 2018 … so far


In the growing market of smartphones, being at the forefront of the latest technology is an increasingly difficult competition

The big developers work very hard new teams that launch every month, how to know exactly which is the best? The truth is that although it depends on what you are most interested in a smartphone, it is also true that you have to stay tuned to the new models. Today you will know some of the best devices available in the market.
Samsung Galaxy S9 +

Samsung has optimized both the quality of its models in recent years, which is almost a must when we talk about top teams. The Samsung Galaxy S9 + has one of the most elegant designs, and also an excellent 2X zoom that allows you to obtain portrait mode, one of its best features. In addition, the secondary lens has optical stabilization, resulting in high quality videos. Other features are: 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.
Huawei P20 Pro

This 2018 is full of challenges for all the players in the industry, and Huawei has not taken it lightly; bet on a team with triple back sensor: the P20 Pro. One of the sensors takes care of the black and white photos, while the second on the other hand captures the color images; and the back provides a 10x zoom. The three with different megapixel capacity, for photographs and videos of a definitely superior quality.

If improvements in taking pictures is involved, LG has also innovated. With its V30S model, it incorporates artificial intelligence for better shots. It also has 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal storage and a design very similar to its predecessor, the V30. The difference? It incorporates Artificial Intelligence functions in many aspects, but one of the most important is in the camera: it is able to recognize what type of image we are taking and adapt its functionalities accordingly. To achieve this, machine learning is used, thousands of configurations and two other modes to optimize the taking of photographs. Additionally, many features of the team are controlled through Google Assistant, allowing you to manage many of the smart objects in your home.
iPhone X

The latest Apple phone could not escape this list, because in addition to celebrating the 10 years of the iPhone, it has a lot of cutting-edge features, which we will surely see replicated in the next models. It is a terminal with impeccable design, almost no bevels, 5.8-inch screen and intense resolution of 246×1125 pixels, with 458ppi. Inside we find a powerful new Apple processor, the A11 Bionic. It also has a dual 12 megapixel back camera, is water resistant and runs with 3 GB of RAM; while the internal storage is 64 or 256 GB. What has been so revolutionary? Its Face ID, used in many applications and to unlock the equipment, the True Tone on the OLED screen, wireless charging and portrait mode in photographs, as well as animojis. The category where this terminal is included is the premium; that’s why some portals like T-Mobile have excellent financing options to buy it, because it represents the best of Apple phones, but also the most expensive, although it’s definitely worth it!


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