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Xiaomi Tomai 70: control the tires of the car using the phone


The Xiaomi company not only launches phones. From time to time he decides on devices that are most curious and that allow him to “sting” in different segments. An example is the new Xiaomi Tomai 70, which helps to know the state of the tires of cars and that has a very tight price.

If you are one of those who like to have everything very controlled in your car, this accessory is an option that you should not rule out. By using an application that connects via Bluetooth wireless technology, with Xiaomi Tomai 70 it is possible to know in real time the pressure and temperature of the tires you use in your car. And, all this, with a great simplicity of use.
The case is that when using this device (which must be installed in a workshop) you can establish which are the conditions with which you want to shoot and, if they are not met, sound notices are received on the mobile device. Therefore, at all times it is known if the tires are deflated – or you have a puncture – and even if you are in the optimum parameters to ensure a reduction in consumption and a quality of travel suitable for you. The security system used is TPMS.
Other options of Xiaomi Tomai 70

The efficiency offered by this accessory is complete, since the accuracy of the data it shows is 0.1 Bar in terms of air control. By the way, it is possible to establish a data scan from a second of frequency, so it is true to always have data in real time. Apart, it is interesting to note that with Xiaomi Tomai 70 is included an anti-theft that, obviously, is of great use (in addition, it is resistant to water and dust -IP6K9K- and very light, so it does not affect the circulation).


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